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History of Abertawe

The Kingdom of Abertawe was founded following the 3rd war.  One of the generals had been granted the territory to establish his own Kingdom.  The New lord built a wooden castle on the site of Longdale. (It was rebuilt in stone after the war with Drieles.)  A town soon grew up by the castle. The garrison of Longdale castle provided a market for the townspeople's goods. Many of the townspeople were southern immigrants.

Longdale is a flourishing town of about 1,000. It currently has an earth rampart with a wooden stockade. Longdale has been attacked and burned several times, whenever this happened Longdale recovered.

The main industries are leather and wool. In Longdale wool is woven. It is then fulled, which means it is cleaned and thickened by being pounded in a mixture of water and clay. Wooden hammers worked by watermills pound the wool. It is then ready for dyeing. There was also a shipbuilding industry in Longdale.

Leather and wool from Longdale are exported up and down the coastline along with the great trading ships from the Grand Isle, so are hides, butter, cheese, and grain. In Longdale there is a weekly market. There are also 2 fairs. Faires are like markets but they were held only once a year. People come from all over the Kingdome of Abertawe to attend a Longdale fair.

While magic exists in the world of Vesta, it is outlawed in Abertawe.  This was the result of a devasting plague 10 years earlier that killed half of the Kingdom's population.

The Kingdom is currently ruled by Queen Alanis, a young queen recently ascended to her father's throne.  There has been peace throughout her life, though she was a child during the plague. 

What can I play?

There are many opportunities for roleplay with in the city of Longdale.  First, decide if you wish to be noble, military or commoner.  From this, you will be able to develop a more refined character from inside the forums.  

What is the current plot?

Currently, Longdale is in a fog.  It has been for two weeks.  No one knows why the fog is not lifting.  It is affecting everything from crops to daily life.  Most villagers can only see about twenty feet at any given moment.  Increased guardsman have been noted along the walls and patrolling the city.  Crime has increased with the lack of visibility.  What could be making the fog stay so thick and ever present?  Can the city solve the problem before the crops mold and die?  Can it be solved before it plunges the city into famine.  It has been discovered that the fog has a definite boundary and starts at approximately twenty five miles from the city. The Queen has offered 50 pieces medure to anyone who can discover the cause and 100 medure for its removal.


A Forum Based RPG

What is Forum RP (Role Play)?

Roleplaying is the act of posting a story (or part of a story) in the mindset of your character. When you make these posts, you do so in an effort to tell a story set in the world of Vesta, Kingdom of Abertawe, using your character as your proxy. Your post uses the mindset of your character, their perceptions, history and views, rather than your own. For example, I post for the character Baaral; an impulsive human with a hatred for the Lerdenians and a penchant for hitting hard over defense and frugal use of energy. Others can join in your thread and post as their characters, creating a story that is written by many people and has no pre-defined end.

RP threads can be short with only a few people involved, or huge sagas that can span multiple people with varying storylines.


Some Guidelines for Successful Forum RP

  • Follow the Community Rules and Forum Code of Conduct. Although this is an RP forum, the rules of the community still apply. I cannot stress this enough.
  • Keep OOC (Out of Character) and IC (In Character) posts separate. This means that you can have an OOC thread for a game setting for out-of-character discussion, but keep all in character posting to one thread and OOC to another. These threads should be clearly marked; for example:
    • [OOC] Of Ash & Fire – OOC Discussion
    • [iC] Of Ash & Fire – RP Thread
  • If you wish to join an already in-play thread, do not simply join in and start posting. Message the Original Poster or post a request in the OOC thread for the game if one exists. Jumping in and hijacking a thread is considered very bad manners for an RP thread and will not make you any friends. It will also give the existing players a chance to give ideas for an entrance without ruining any pretense established by the story.
  • Do not post on behalf of another character, unless you have their express permission. If you wish to make a post that involves another person’s character, then you may wish to contact them first and be sure that the actions you have planned fit the character concept.

    For example, Bob the Lerdenian enters the room and shouts death-threats at the Daezun present. That in itself is not a problem, but if Bob also posts that all the Daezun cower in fright at his manly voice, you are taking control of that character away from the controlling player.

    This process is called God-Moding and is a big no-no in forum-based RP groups.
  • Have fun. Ask questions. Assume nothing. If you are having a problem with the way things are going, or are having a hard time deciding on what your character should do, PM your fellow RP’ers and get their advice. Post up questions on OOC threads and other players can help you if you write yourself into a corner. In the end, Forum RP is for those creative writing types to really step into their characters, enjoy the world in which the game is based and add a more personal note to a book based (The Blue Dragon's Geas) world. If you are not having fun, then something is wrong.
  • Be civil. A person is not their character. If a person is playing a character that is less than cheerful and helpful - that does not mean the player is too. Do not drag IC interactions into the real world, and if you think someone is being needlessly offensive, contact them to see if it is just their character, or send a report on a post for one of the moderators to look over. This also works in reverse. Just because you are playing a character, it does not mean you can spurt racial slurs and needless profanity over the forums. Remember, the community rules apply first and foremost.